This holiday accommodation in a small village in the South of the island of Tenerife (Canaries Archipelago, formerly known as the “Fortunate Islands”), forms part of Villa de Arico, being one of the 24 building groups that make up the village, spread over plateaus, hillsides, hillocks and arable land. These fields mainly grow potatoes and tomatoes for export.

…..Arico el Nuevo stands around its parish church “Nuestra Señora de La Luz”, built at the beginning of the 18th century, has a population of 145 and is situated 68 km. from Santa Cruz de Tenerife (capital of the province).

…..Accommodation for visitors has grown substantially recently in response to demand, old houses being restored and fitted out to welcome holidaymakers. This accommodation aspires to match the tranquillity and comfort provided by our excellent climate. We are 500 m. above sea level between the mountain and the Atlantic Ocean, six kilometres from the nearest fishing village….

…..In Porís de Abona, you can bathe or go scuba diving in the clean Atlantic waters and enjoy the local cuisine based on fish caught by the local fishermen. The rest of the eating establishments around Arico offer a traditional menu based on beef and pork and goat, stews (pumpkin, green beans, carrots, maize, potatoes, sweet potatoes), tropical fruits, black and green figs, etc.

…..You can visit the cooperatives that manage local produce and grapes and the goat hut, where you can taste delicious official local cheeses and wines, particularly the Abona white. For abseilers there are magnificent walls in the ravines, practicable also for hiking enthusiasts. The river banks are the greatest exponents of Canaries flora, and the rock diversity is spectacular, as you would expect from such a beautiful volcanic island as Tenerife. The summit, called the Teide, can be visited all year round. The islanders will make you feel at home wherever you choose to go from Arico el Nuevo. The nights are special in this little village where you can see the stars and enjoy the pollution-free sky.

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